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sell my junk car in Troy,Mi

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Sell my Junk Car TROY from top down is operated here in Wayne,Oakland and Macomb County. We are KEEPING IT LOCAL by employing people in the salvage market here in our ¬†community. This keeps the big guys from buying up niche parts and makes in bulk and sending them to other countries for big profit that only they see—probably profit for a company that is not U.S. based and pays no federal taxes either.

ALSO: we dismantle our old vehicles so conscientiously; salvaging all that is possible. We aren’t looking for quick turn around—like the others do—We send the left-overs to the shredder only after all parts & resources have been meticulously separated—this is a lot of work—which in turn employs more local labor and mechanics—right here in the motor city—well pretty close anyway—thanks for your business.


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